Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to the Photography Professors!!

Antique CameraHello there and welcome to the Photography Professors! We're glad you found us and we hope you enjoy our blog. Our goal is to help amateur and professional photographers alike broaden their horizons and learn new tricks and techniques to put in their photography tool kits.

We'll be discussing all kinds of topics like basic photographic techniques, fancy tricks like bokeh effects, product reviews, and even Photoshop quick tips to help add that extra spice to your favorite photos.

We know there are a lot of photography blogs out there, but we (like all of them) think we're different. Here's a little insight into our format:

Each blog post will begin with a sample photo that demonstrates the technique we'll be learning. Then, we'll describe what the effect is and how you can reproduce it. Next, we'll describe why it happens. Finally, we'll give you a homework assignment!

I know what you're thinking, "Homework? Yuck!" Don't fret; it'll be fun. We know that everybody learns a little differently but almost everybody learns best from experience. Besides, we like feedback, so we're excited to see what you learn from each post.

So, follow us on Blogspot, subscribe to our RSS feed, and leave us lots of comments! We hope you get as much out of participating in this blog as we do.

The Photography Professors

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